Monday, 29 March 2010

Red, white and blue!

I find this colour combination beautiful,very summery! So what do you think it is?

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Ey there!

The spring is now kicking off, i can feel it! Today the weather was fantastic here in London, perfect for a walk in the park. For the first time people could walk around without gloves, hats or scarves;  I actually went with a friend for the first time to Battersea park today! I really like it! there is a lot going on in the landscape, I will post some pictures this week of this great place!

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Please take me there!

I love this picture, i didn´t take it but Mr Freckles did it for me  becouse he just loved her!...I actually loved this great picture in this fisherman pub in Combarro (Spain), the smell, the people, the vibe in the place, the sun...i will never forget that day, the sun the blue sky, the food!...the whole experince really! Mermaids, if i was a mermaid!..IF I WAS A MERMAID!!! what can we say that? what could you do?, really are they there? in the oceans? are they?i just wish i could be one...

...would it be possible, would i be sleeping...

Sunday, 14 March 2010

The landscape


London is like a kinder surprise, in every corner you always find a little surprise! It´s amaizing, almost eight years here and i´m still finding things.Like this little mosaic decorating the tunnel to go to Waterloo train station. I really love the idea of seeing the combination of a Seurat painting with the transport of London trains and logo!

Happy sunday, spring is finally kicking off!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Hello, can i come in?


Everyone is talking these days about the new film by Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland. I really want to see it, (my point:) actually, I am not sure if the film will aged well. (Explain:)Tim Burton´s films are great but the excess of make up and the bright colours in these one...umm..i am not sure, oh well,  I like Tim Burton in dark films with dark colours with a palette based mainly in black&white and little touches in red... I am sure I´m going to love it, it looks so amazing!, but please, he could recruit other people apart from Helena and Jonny, come on! any case I hope to get tickets soon and enjoy what everyone say is the the film on the year!

The door, in the beautiful town of Canterbury, it really suggested me a nice cup of tea, perhaps with the mad hatter?