Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Hello, can i come in?


Everyone is talking these days about the new film by Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland. I really want to see it, (my point:) actually, I am not sure if the film will aged well. (Explain:)Tim Burton´s films are great but the excess of make up and the bright colours in these one...umm..i am not sure, oh well,  I like Tim Burton in dark films with dark colours with a palette based mainly in black&white and little touches in red... I am sure I´m going to love it, it looks so amazing!, but please, he could recruit other people apart from Helena and Jonny, come on!...in any case I hope to get tickets soon and enjoy what everyone say is the the film on the year!

The door, in the beautiful town of Canterbury, it really suggested me a nice cup of tea, perhaps with the mad hatter?


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  1. Nice photo. You're right: Tim Burton is repeating himself.