Sunday, 28 February 2010

Feels Good!

Another sunday, another lazy day...again we had a week full of rain and wind so i stayed in doors most of the time and i couldn´t find anything good to photograph. London stills looking grey and gloomy but we can feel that something is going to change, the days feel a bit longer and at least we dont freeze when we wait for the bus.´..actually i think i am repeting myself when i think about my recent post...

I hope to find something good to photograph this week...

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Drink at night...

Roses in a lazy sunday´s raining outside and still very cold...i´m glad february it´s now almost over now...the spring will be here soon!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

That top hat!

Oh hats...! i love man wearing nice & elegant hats.
The hats on the picture are from a very old shop in London dedicated just to make hats. These hats are indeed my favourite style. But the truth is that a man looks just perfect with a hat on, specially if we talk about the ones featured in this picture...
Both my grandfathers wore hats and they were very different, one very tall, blond and blue eyes and the other short, dark hair and brown eyes, both very handsome but both looked always very nice walking around town with their hats on!

Gentleman it´s time to put a hat on!

Sunday, 14 February 2010


I wasn´t thinking about posting anything today. I am one of those against to the "St Valentine celebration", red roses or fluffy toys looks like the worst nighmate to fact i don´t think love has to be celebrated only one day a year also i think love is just love to be to your friends, your family or partners means more than one day...after sounding like a premature old grumpy woman, i can only say, just love everday, be lucky for the ones loving you and just take very special care for it...

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Big cup of tea!

It has been a long week, i didn´t have much time to post anything...really sorry! i know now that i have a nice group of loyal followers!! the way thank you very much for the nice e-mails, saying that you enjoy my blog! It really helps to keep me going!..but please coment a bit more!
 ...this was more than fashion, creativity at a high level...

Saturday, 6 February 2010

An ideal floor

I have according to my job description, "an eye for detail"...i agree, i pay attention to everything and everyone around me. I like nice and hidden details making things more interesting.
This is a detail of a beautiful floor in one of my favourite pubs in my home town. I love it! Terracota style...i also like it because it really has this "early years of cubism, so much like Braque"...and yes, yes, i really like cubism and geometric shapes too! you go, another confesion!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Another picture of New York. Did I ever say how much I liked this city in my first visit???!. I live in a big city, which I love too,  London; very cosmopolitan and cool in so many ways, but I live here!With NY, I have a crash! It has something that it makes the city so special; I remember a friend of mine saying “when you are there, you don´t get the impact, it´s just
like in the movies!”...well, I did! I don't know, I felt like at home, and a bit like inside of a film with all those huge buildings surrounding me! but I felt cosy, and I loved the ladscape, what else?...I mean, I know, I am honest, I was on holidays, so I am adding the relax of being on “vacation” and not being stressed about work, getting the bus, or  going to the supermarket...but the thing is...I like to keep that memory about that a way I feel like cheating to London!