Sunday, 6 March 2011

Great moments together!

If you pay attention to this picture you can see that at the bottom says, La Peregrina, believe it or not i found this beautiful and simple drawing today in  Columbia Road. I had to stop, so i did! because i just love it! ...sweet Picasso style here!
 Anyway, my posts are always dedicated for all of you, but this time, this one goes specially for my good friends from Pontevedra, how many times we met there, " en la peregrina"?...sitting down at the stairs? we shared lots of stories about everything! ..about our "things" in life, films, books, people, laughs...and music, there, we exchanged magazines, books, emotions and lots and lots of music! this point i can only say, happy sunday, i hope you all had a nice a relaxing day ...and i am very exited about tomorrow ...of course!!.."Dig a hole, dig it deeper, deeper!"... ;)...can´t wait!


  1. Jo... hace un millón de años...tú te pasabas la vida sentada en las escaleras de la Pere. Creo que me voy a poner nostálgica... :)

  2. me gusta mucho, que bueno