Saturday, 5 December 2009


I have always like fashion  but I am not a fashionista and I don´t follow the trend s but I really like what the fashion offers you, the ideas the colours, the textures, the designs, the glamour, the make up everything related is for me just fun, I like  the whole eclecticism and the freedom that it can  gives you to mix whatever you like! Perhaps what I really dislike is the world around it, sometimes it´s like some kind of competition showing who is the coolest dressed and who´s got the better shoes or the best designers dress!

I really enjoy taking pictures of  fashion shops. Some of them like this one in Soho,  NY .It is not just  about the clothes it is the composition around, it works perfect and elegant, just beautiful!. Some shops have really inspiring windows, for outfits and for colour combinations.

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  1. trend vs style - a case in point:

    i enter a shoeshop yesterday, two overly english gentlemen in their late-30s mincing around dressed head-to-toe in tweed. not in any way stylish imo