Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Saturday, the T-party

Many of you know about my new project.  I am  finally discovering what  to do with my spare time and with my creativity!, sorry this might sound a bit pretentious... Well Ana, to the point I am designing and at the same time, making my own line of accessories.
Basically I  am getting a lot of inspiration from all the things  I like and I see around, from the fashion magazines,shops(any kind!) art galleries, my friends, films..

Well, I wanted to say thank you to all my friends for encourage me to carry on with my “bits and bobs” and for making me believe that “these bits” are “beautiful and cute” thanks guys!...and more now, you the point...writing it´s never been my this Saturday we will have a Tea Party at home, we are going to enjoy fantastic cakes and everyone will be able to purchase one of my “bits and bobs” this is a dream!!

I will post you some pictures over the weekend!...I hope it goes well!!

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  1. Seguro que va estupendo y vendes un montón!!"bits and bobs"? me encanta esta expresión!! se la voy a soltar a los profes de inglés :)