Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Another picture of New York. Did I ever say how much I liked this city in my first visit???!. I live in a big city, which I love too,  London; very cosmopolitan and cool in so many ways, but I live here!With NY, I have a crash! It has something that it makes the city so special; I remember a friend of mine saying “when you are there, you don´t get the impact, it´s just
like in the movies!”...well, I did! I don't know, I felt like at home, and a bit like inside of a film with all those huge buildings surrounding me! but I felt cosy, and I loved the ladscape, what else?...I mean, I know, I am honest, I was on holidays, so I am adding the relax of being on “vacation” and not being stressed about work, getting the bus, or  going to the supermarket...but the thing is...I like to keep that memory about that a way I feel like cheating to London!

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