Thursday, 18 February 2010

That top hat!

Oh hats...! i love man wearing nice & elegant hats.
The hats on the picture are from a very old shop in London dedicated just to make hats. These hats are indeed my favourite style. But the truth is that a man looks just perfect with a hat on, specially if we talk about the ones featured in this picture...
Both my grandfathers wore hats and they were very different, one very tall, blond and blue eyes and the other short, dark hair and brown eyes, both very handsome but both looked always very nice walking around town with their hats on!

Gentleman it´s time to put a hat on!


  1. !no te preocupes ana!
    cuando me ponga calvo, llevare un sombrero todos los dias

  2. Oh!! Adoro las tiendas de sombreros! Te acuerdas de la Sombrerería Iglesias del Vilar? Me encantan esos escaparates llenos de sombreros posando.
    De todas formas... qué difícil es ponerse un sombrero...y qué te quede bien!! Besosbesos